Nithi Remedy

I’m Nithi Shetty, I hold BSc in Fashion Designing and certified in the Ayurvedic course, Nithi Remedy aims to give the fellow reader a precise and valuable information.

Everyone loves natural ways to get a solution to their problem, and they have the right to choose a natural and safe way. As a writer, my goal is to educate and emphasize both men and women on health.

Nithi Remedy provides the latest updates in the field of skin, hair, and home remedies. I’ve fashioned myself into a professional writer and mainly focused on providing a working solution for you. My entire blog is dedicated to giving useful information which is practical and fully natural.

My Inspiration is my mom she always favored using Natural and Organic products, that was my turning point,  I realized I wanted to go full Natural and Organic. So, that’s when I took up my Ayurvedic course along with the Fashion Designing. This two skill which has helped me beautify from inside out!

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